Summer’s almost gone…

And so, another pretty girl in a bathing suit. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love men, but is it so wrong to think women are beautiful, too?

I’ve been hard at work converting my short works into much, much longer ones. As mentioned in the last blog post, I’ll be pulling my older works, and in the midst of all that, there was a huge Kindle Unlimited change (sometimes referred to as “Kindle Unlimited 2.0″) which gives a lot of benefit to both readers and authors for writing longer works.

For readers, the works are more enjoyable, as perfectly good stories aren’t broken up into chapter length deals that readers then have to bother with downloading individually. (Yes, KU incentivized by the number of books sold, with length of book not being a factor at all.) Whereas, traditional authors who had normal length books (say, novels of 40,000 words or more) made less money by not splitting up their works. (My current stories were designed to be episodic in nature, so they averaged about 13,000 words each.) Many authors pulled their stories completely and simply sold them as they did before Kindle Unlimited came along.

In any case, I’ve been plugging away at the long process of novel writing! My goal is to have at least two books ready for release before I.. well, release them. That way, there’s a TON of content ready for you all to (hopefully!) enjoy as opposed to waiting a few months (or, if this were non-self-publishing, up to a year!) for the next book to come along.

As is traditional for romance works, I will always deliver a HEA and avoid cliff-hangers. (Well, I’ll leave teasers in, of course, but not a cliffhanger. 😉 )

Enjoy the rest of your summer, I know I will be!!

Sexy blonde young woman posing in a stars and stripes bikini

Sexy blonde young woman posing in a stars and stripes bikini