Plagiarizing – Selena Kitt’s Take

The amazing Selena Kitt wrote an extremely informative post about plagiarizing and how it’s effecting some authors as well as the fallout for some scammers (and there are TONS of them) who try to do it.


There is never, ever a time, when writing or publishing fiction, that it’s okay to use someone else’s work and “put it in your own words.” Let’s be clear about that. It is wrong to ever rewrite fiction and call it your own.

Apparently, plagiarizer,  you didn’t get the memo or you took your teacher’s word for it that “putting it in your own words” made it all okay. Aubrey Rose has come forward about this issue, but I personally know several other authors this has happened to who are afraid to come forward in fear of retaliation from the plagiarising author. And if the forum post above is any indication, it’s clear you believe you did nothing wrong. After all you said:

I looked at a selling genre and wrote a book around them. I didn’t think it was going to be this severe. I didn’t copy anything. The story stayed in my memory and I had significantly altered it.”


Here’s the link:


And, I can’t leave you without a picture! 😉 Go to jail, plagiarizers, GO TO JAIL! (insert Hell where Jail is, if you prefer! 😉 )

Nice ass, no?

Nice ass, no?