The Main Attraction

First book in the Tiffany Hypnotized Series. When Tiffany and Heath invited four of their friends to go with them to see The "Amazing Wally!" - Risque Stage Hypnotist at the comedy club, they knew they were in for a sexual joyride of an evening. Billed as the “Raunchiest Hypnotist in America!”, they’d all heard the rumors floating around town about audience members being turned into half-naked strippers up on stage and even one story about sweaty lesbian sex under the stage lights! But those were only rumors, right? Besides, Tiffany couldn’t be hypnotized, and she certainly wouldn’t be up on stage! Tiffany, her husband and her friends expected to be titillated, entertained, embarrassed and possibly even exposed. The tongue-in-cheek flyer promised a “night they might possibly remember - though not if the hypnotism worked right…” They had no idea that the beautiful Tiffany, former college cheerleader turned clichéd, suburban housewife, would become...The Main Attraction.

The Evening's Entertainment

Book 2 in the Tiffany Hypnotized Series. Tiffany's bored and is invited over to her friends' house - the very ones who had gone with her to the "fake" hypnotist show. It doesn't take long for Tiffany to realize that maybe hypnosis wasn't so fake after all. Particularly once she becomes..The Evening's Entertainment.

Kelly's New Girlfriend

Kelly had envied Tiffany ever since they moved into the same neighborhood. Tiffany had it all - stunning looks, great husband, tons of money. Every guy wanted to have Tiffany and every woman wanted to be Tiffany. Quite frankly, it just wasn't fair. Tiffany didn't even have to work, and as far as Kelly was concerned, she did it just to flaunt her wealth! What will Kelly do when a simple hypnotic suggestion given to Tiffany - the former college cheerleader, unwitting seducer of husbands, the Venus of the city - leaves her as putty in Kelly's hands? Will Kelly exact her revenge? Will Tiffany's seemingly "billionaire husband" come riding to the rescue? Find out who is falling for who and exactly who's on top (in the relationship!) when Tiffany becomes.... Kelly's New Girlfriend.

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