New works coming down the pike…

I mentioned a few months back that I’m switching over to Romance.

Now, if any of you have read much Romance, you know that covers a BIG OL’ spread of writing. Anything from some pretty tame young adult and sweet Christian Romance all the way over to.. well, Erotica with another name. (“Would a rose under any other name…?”

My “erotica” has always been pretty tame. I imagine a lot of folks wouldn’t even call it erotica. It didn’t go into all the stuff that really pushes the limits, like PI, or .. well, I don’t want to get into it. Suffice to say, I love sex, like most people do. I love stories with “heat”. I also love HEAs – or “Happily Ever Afters”. To the very core of my soul, I do.

Why switch?

Well, for one thing, I don’t like the way Amazon picks and choose the winners and losers in the erotica lottery. (They ban books willy nilly.) I just don’t want to subject myself, career or readers to that type of random lightning strike. If my writing tends towards a certain style, I may as well embrace it and I know my readers will “get it”.

But this post is what I have coming down the pike, right?

I’m actually writing two  (Romance) series right now.

In one, I’m adapting some of my current series about Tiffany into a longer themed and plotted contemporary romance/spy thriller. I’ve already got.. gosh, probably 100,000 words written, and I’m trying to decide whether releasing that as an episodic adventure or going for a trilogy and see where it goes from there, or…?

When I do start publishing them, I’m going to pull my old stories down since I don’t want anyone confused as to what happened to them and what happens going forward.

As for the picture? I just love it. It’ 😉 Don’t you agree?

I cheated a bit - they're sposed to be laying down, but, i dunno, the idea of that girl pinning down that boy? Mmmmm.

I cheated a bit – they’re sposed to be laying down, but, i dunno, the idea of that girl pinning down that boy? Mmmmm.