Hot For Teacher

So, in the re-write I am doing for book 2 of Tiffany Hypnotized, we’re going to get a bit into Tiffany’s history, what she does for a living (she’s a teacher) and a bit more of what’s going on between her and her husband that allows for a bit of extra-marital…entertainment. How did they get to that point? How do they react when “stuff” happens? What exactly is in Tiffany’s closet? 😉

I have written about 5000 words on the story this week. I figure it’ll clock in around 12k-15k, like the other ones. I just have a really hard time publishing stories that are only 5000 words long, despite it being very popular in the “steamy romance” set. I hope that makes the content worth a bit more to you, my lovely readers and I hope I continue to keep you entertained and titillated. :)

Oh! I found this website that has a TON of adorable outfits. Check them out, let me know what you think. I am tempted to wear a few for Mr. Wyndham. 😉 I was using them for inspiration when I wanted to get some ideas on how Tiffany was dressed for parts of this new book coming out.

Pretty hot, right?!

She's so yummy!

She’s so yummy!