Getting out of the erotica game?

I have a confession to make.

I love writing steamy sex scenes. *gasp* Shocker, eh?

No, seriously, I do. But, I also like writing plot, and characters and twists that keep you guessing. But, I’m also finding out that most of what passes for erotica on Amazon is just crap.

Again, seriously. Even the people writing it know it’s crap, and yet they pump it out anyway. And, from what I understand, that’s what their readers want.

Well, I can’t write crap. I just can’t! I’m an actual person, not some made up facade. That picture with me hiding my face? That’s me. Seriously. And I like to think that the stories I write stick with people, and that they’ll remember them. They’ll want to read them again, even if they know the entire plot. That the word play, and the sexy scenes and the way the characters interact – that it’s enjoyable on the 100th read.

You know, as opposed to a quick stroke piece that is so forgettable that it’s never re-read again. Seriously, the thought of writing like that pains me, and I can’t do it.

Worse yet, Amazon has a tendency to take out the “Ban Stick” and whack people over the head over silly things like covers or titles.

Frankly, I don’t like my writing – some of which I agonize over for months and month – being lumped together with the crap that’s spewed out in a few hours by someone out for a quick buck who has no appreciation for their own work, much less their readers.

I love you guys (and gals, of course! It’s a euphemism, dangit!). And, I know I haven’t been great about publishing quickly enough, and part of the reason why.. well, I’m spelling that out here. I need to be able to write in a way that pleases my readers and myself – and won’t be subjected to Amazon’s Ban .. stick.. Hammer? Pickaxe? But, I’d also like to reach a broader audience as well. For those of you who have read my work, you doubtless know that I give depth to my characters, and that the sex isn’t just the core of the story. It’s there if/when the story .. THE STORY, needs it.

But, I also don’t want to write stories that shy away from sex, like it’s a dirty word in a church. I love having sex in my stories and I can’t imagine writing in such a way that it’s not there. Love and attraction.. that’s what makes stories sizzle. Why do so many sitcoms or cop stories or whatever – they always have some kind of attraction going on, and we all – we readers and watchers – get such a thrill when the couple gets together, be it girl/girl, boy/girl, or whatever? Even if it’s jumping the shark?

Well, I don’t want to wax any more philosophical, but it sure gives me a sense of satisfaction reading it. So, I don’t want to write JUST sex stories. And I’m not going to write those text-book romances where it’s all “lubby dubby” and women feeling all self-conscious and their biggest worry is where they will get their nails polished but.. “OH, look! A handsome Billionaire!” .

No, thank-you. I’ll pass.

But, I will write strong sexy women (and men) who kick ass.. and and then fuck like banshees when the needs arise. Work hard and play hard, and all that.

So, if you see less obvious “erotica’ – have no fear. The stories will essentially be the same. The labels will change, but the steamy sex will be there, all wrapped up in a sexy little, story-and-character-driven bow.

I’m going to leave you with a little picture that kinda reminds me of Christmas. Or, just to be naughty, it reminds me of what Taylor Swift might look like in my Christmas Dreams. 😉 Since, I’ve been buying lots of little special somethings for my special somethings, I thought I’d leave a special something for you all, my wonderful readers.

Merry Christmas! MWWWAAAAA!

Looks just like her, doesn't she? :)

Looks just like her, doesn’t she? :)