Ebola Scare?

So, it’s not been quite a month since my last update. And yes, I’ve been busy writing! I’ve come to realize I’m not a hack writer that can just throw out absolute crap and hope my readers will voraciously scoop it up and … blah, blah, blah. I really do hope that what I produce is quality work, and that it’s worth the wait.

But, what’s with the title of this post? Well, I just thought that it is pretty wild that the Ebola Scare here in the US has come and gone already. Don’t get me wrong – I’m scared witless about it, and I wouldn’t want nasty bit of work anywhere near me! I also really felt bad for those poor nurses who were subjected to the exposure! Yikes! Thank goodness they’re okay.

But isn’t it amazing the whirlwind world we live in where one week we can be worried about an apocalyptic plague sweeping the world, and then, the next big topic in the news is sweeping Immigration change and a recent election! Crazy.

However, I am happy to report that I am halfway through my re-imagining and re-write of book 2. I believe I’m going to just give away the original book 2 to my newsletter members, along with something else I wrote quite some time ago.

In any case, please enjoy this little tidbit that curled my toes..she is quite sexy, no? And, as I like to say, she’s technically safe for work. Barely. 😉

Hey, this is still decent, right? ;)

Hey, this is still decent, right? ;)