Book 2 is coming!

Tongue in cheek reference, I know. What bums me out is that I had this thing done. And it was GOOD. I’d gotten unsolicited reviews in the time it was posted, which, as you may be aware, is a RARITY in the erotica field. But, I changed something..FORMATTING, to be specific, and what does Amazon do? BAN THE BOOK.

Anyway, I am going to give away the old book 2 – it is located here:

I will be publishing a NEW book 2, completely re-written, new story and all – and it will be coming out next week. I’m leaving you with this picture, because I can’t seem to shake the image of Tiffany in her kitchen wearing a red and white polka dot bikini. Get it ? Hint hint nudge nudge? 😉

I hope you enjoy!Beautiful woman in sexy bikini HER HUGE KITCHEN :)