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I still wish I could adapt this one.. she's got such a wonderfully mesmerized look on her face, doesn't she?

Checking out some book covers

There’s a few I’m looking at.. figure I’ll give my readers an idea of what .. oh the heck with that! You just want to see the pics, right?? 😉 All of the below pictures were borrowed with permission from Lex over at I LOVE his site!

This is me working.. right? ;)

Busy Busy…

It’s been quite a bit of work getting all this ready. I’ve worked on blogs before, but never one based on erotica. Pictures to license, twitter accounts to set up, stories to write, forums to post to, and then there’s working on the books themselves – graphic covers, font sizes, pagination and on and on.
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Hello World, My Ass…

I realize now how that title may sound.. tongue in cheek, I guess. And.. there I go again! For those who may not know, WordPress posts a default first post – “Hello World!” is the subject. So, thus, my response! Annnyyywwwaayy!! Welcome to my blog – I’ll be writing about anything that comes to mind
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