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Nice ass, no?

Plagiarizing – Selena Kitt’s Take

The amazing Selena Kitt wrote an extremely informative post about plagiarizing and how it’s effecting some authors as well as the fallout for some scammers (and there are TONS of them) who try to do it.   There is never, ever a time, when writing or publishing fiction, that it’s okay to use someone else’s
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Blond woman with long straight hairs

The Hypnotizing Megan Chronicles

That was the name of a series of stories that my current work, Tiffany Hypnotized, is based off of. Fortunately, I have permission from the author to use them, since that’s my partner, and as such, we’ve collaborated on the books together.    We’ve worked hard on the third book, and it’s completely new material
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Do these glasses make me look fat? ;)

And that’s a wrap!

I’ve FINALLY finished the most recent re-write of book 2. I’m still learning how to post these on Amazon, believe it or not, and I wanted to get the first book set up to roll right into the second. What I didn’t know was how my books would look when formatted – and that took
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Dig the boots, don't you? ;)

My 4th of July Cutie!!!

I just wub her, don't you? ;)

Hope Everyone had a hot and steamy 4th!

And we can’t forget the fireworks!   My Fourth was filled with family, loved ones, and most importantly, a very sexy man!  Hope yours was as enjoyable!


Second one first…

Sooo… I know this is getting into the nuts and bolts here, but I actually posted my first story (finally!) only, it wasn’t my first book, it was the sexond.. oops, I write sex, too much. 😉 My second book. Huh? Basically, I needed to have my second one ready to go so that when
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Sexy nude Caucasian woman leaning on wall with eyes closed and h

Busy Little Bee!

So … the other day, I was re-reading my first story… looking for typos, bad grammar. Editing. Yeah, that’s what it’s called! Somehow, I managed to add another 3000 words to the story, without even blinking an eye! Funny how one phrase or a couple of sentences will give you a completely new idea for
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At least, that's what I think ;)

Hot and Sticky!

The past few days have been so hot and humid, my clothes have been sticking to my body! Thankfully, I can just walk outside and jump in the pool and hope for a bit of a breeze.  Might have to move my operations to a floating raft in the pool.  If only I could keep
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Isn't she sexy? Tiffany, whatever are you doing there?? ;)

Almost there…

Very soon my friends and fans. 😉 I’m so close getting the first one published. The title, you ask? Oh, it’s Tiffany Hypnotized: Book 1  – The Main Attraction. I’ll have the cover out for you in a bit.   Here’s the cover! Tell me what you think!! I love feedback

Hot, eh? Makes you want to kiss her, huh?

A new picture for your viewing pleasure…

Since, I’ve been doing nothing but looking at potential book covers.. guess what people! You get to, too!

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