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Sexy blonde young woman posing in a stars and stripes bikini

Summer’s almost gone…

And so, another pretty girl in a bathing suit. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love men, but is it so wrong to think women are beautiful, too? I’ve been hard at work converting my short works into much, much longer ones. As mentioned in the last blog post, I’ll be pulling my older works,
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I cheated a bit - they're sposed to be laying down, but, i dunno, the idea of that girl pinning down that boy? Mmmmm.

New works coming down the pike…

I mentioned a few months back that I’m switching over to Romance. Now, if any of you have read much Romance, you know that covers a BIG OL’ spread of writing. Anything from some pretty tame young adult and sweet Christian Romance all the way over to.. well, Erotica with another name. (“Would a rose
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This is how my male readers envisioning me installing disqus on the blog. ;)

I … have.. DISQUS!! ;)

Wow, that was a bit of configuramationating. (Read that outloud. It works. Really, it does!)   I wanted to have a comment system that would get readers or visitors able to chat, without me having to moderate (much!) and would keep out spammers and the like. And, I think I’ve found it! I hope you
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Hot for teacher again!

Moving in February…

Three words: Don’t do it.   But, (and no pun intended) – I leave you with another cute plaid skirt, since that’s where my mind has been lately.      

She's so yummy!

Hot For Teacher

So, in the re-write I am doing for book 2 of Tiffany Hypnotized, we’re going to get a bit into Tiffany’s history, what she does for a living (she’s a teacher) and a bit more of what’s going on between her and her husband that allows for a bit of extra-marital…entertainment. How did they get
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Beautiful woman in sexy bikini HER HUGE KITCHEN :)

Book 2 is coming!

Tongue in cheek reference, I know. What bums me out is that I had this thing done. And it was GOOD. I’d gotten unsolicited reviews in the time it was posted, which, as you may be aware, is a RARITY in the erotica field. But, I changed something..FORMATTING, to be specific, and what does Amazon
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Isn't she a dream?

Tiffany Hypnotized Book 2: Replotted

Finally – I have a plot that works for Tiffany Hypnotized! You have no idea how long I’ve been working on that. Amazon blocking it on my really threw me for a loop and I it’s taken me a while to get it straightened out. I hope to have it finished this week. Particularly since
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Looks just like her, doesn't she? :)

Getting out of the erotica game?

I have a confession to make. I love writing steamy sex scenes. *gasp* Shocker, eh? No, seriously, I do. But, I also like writing plot, and characters and twists that keep you guessing. But, I’m also finding out that most of what passes for erotica on Amazon is just crap. Again, seriously. Even the people
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Hey, this is still decent, right? ;)

Ebola Scare?

So, it’s not been quite a month since my last update. And yes, I’ve been busy writing! I’ve come to realize I’m not a hack writer that can just throw out absolute crap and hope my readers will voraciously scoop it up and … blah, blah, blah. I really do hope that what I produce
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Me trying to work, right? *grin* If that were true, I would get absolutely nothing done, since Mr. Wyndham would have me over his knee! ;)

Scrivener – Every Writer’s Dream Tool

I know, this is getting into the geeky weeds of writing here. But, it’s something that’s been occupying my time and my life and my writer’s attention for months now. I could go off on a tangent about Amazon.. but I won’t. 😉 You see, Scrivener was originally written for the Mac, and somewhere along
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